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Perryville, MD  21903
General Information
The mission of the parish music ministries is to serve the Church by leading and uplifting the assembly’s sung worship at the Liturgy of the Mass and other services and events in the parish. The parish music ministries facilitate the sung prayer of the assembly by encouraging active participation.  The music we use at Mass is a mix of the traditional and contemporary music sung by the entire parish, and special music from various other resources.  All music contains lyrics that are consistent with Catholic teaching.
The parish music ministries consist of children, youth and adults, of all ages and abilities, serving as cantors, accompanists, instrumentalists, soloists and in small ensembles.  Some are volunteers, some are paid professionals.  All are dedicated to serving the Lord and the parish to the best of their abilities.  The added benefits of participating in music ministry are the enjoyment that comes from making music, the satisfaction of serving others within the community in a special way, and the wonder of worshiping Our God Who is worthy to be praised!
Rehearsals are mandatory.  The number and frequency of rehearsals depends upon the nature of the particular music ministry being performed, and a schedule is established by the Parish Music Director and the individual ministers or ensembles.
In the event of bad weather, rehearsals may be canceled without notice.  You may call Renée LeBrun at 410-441-1892 or the leader of an ensemble to inquire is rehearsal is being canceled.
If bad weather occurs on a day when a rehearsal or service is scheduled, the rehearsal or service will be canceled if any of the following have occurred:
            Cecil County Public Schools have been closed for the day for bad weather.
            Cecil County Public School have been dismissed early for bad weather.
            After-school and evening activities for Cecil County Public Schools have been canceled.
Radio station WXCY (103.7 fm) announces closings for Cecil County Public Schools.
If the weather turns bad after school is dismissed but before an event or service begins, you will receive a telephone call from Renée LeBrun or from another music ministry leader.  Please be sure we have your current telephone number.

The safety of all those attending rehearsals and liturgies, services and events is of the utmost importance.  Therefore we have taken the following measures:
When children or youth are involved in a music ministry, we must have two cleared adults present in order to comply with the guidelines of the program used in the Diocese of Wilmington for the safety of all involved in parish activities (For the Sake of God’s Children).  Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay for rehearsals and to attend liturgies, services and events.  Children and youth are not allowed to leave a parish building unless in the presence of their parent or designated driver.  Only the main church doors may be used to enter and exit rehearsal.  Only one person at a time may leave the rehearsal area to use the restroom, and one of the leaders must be informed before he or she leaves.  No one may loiter in any of the rooms of the church except the one in which rehearsal is taking place.
Any music ministry relies on the presence and preparedness of each and every member.  Therefore, all participants must be committed to attending rehearsals and liturgies, and to be on time.  It is very disruptive to the group when one or two people come in late.  Attendance at rehearsal is essential so that participants will know the music and be aware of what will occur at any given Mass, such as when they will go to Communion, who will sing the verses of the Psalm, etc.
If a musician cannot attend a rehearsal, liturgy, service or event, please advise the leader as soon as possible.
Renée LeBrun, the parish music director, welcomes your questions and comments, and can be reached at 410-441-1892 or 410-398-0561, or by email at rlebrun@goodshephrd.org.
Active involvement in the liturgical life of the parish is what the Church, through the Second Vatican Council, calls all of us to.  The members of the Parish Music Ministries are answering that call in a wonderful, purposeful way, while encouraging others to the same.
Soli Deo Gloria!